We’re announcing a major new alliance

Namaste, FOFSJ. Maybe you’ve noticed some new buttons on the sidebar of my blog. Or you might have seen this story about the huge multi-billion-dollar deal that I’ve struck with the Wired publishing empire. Well, it’s true. As you know, I recently made a desperate and somewhat shameless plea for a sponsor. (What choice do I have when I’m collecting a $1 per year salary and facing some serious legal fees over this options bullshit?) Well after a fierce bidding war I have found a happy home in the warm soft furry bosom of Wired magazine.

Yes, I’ve taken the mickey out of Wired in the past. Mostly for their long-ago habit of writing stories in circles around the page and using other creative approaches to typography. I’m told this no longer happens in Wired. Certainly not in Wired online. Anyway, they’re definitely the kind of guys who remember to give you a reach-around when they’re doing you know what, which is more than I can say for most folks out here in the Valley (cough Larry cough Google cough cough). And I’m very very psyched to be starting what I believe will be a beautiful relationship with them.

And to be honest, another reason I’m psyched about this is that I recently have become a huge fan of Leander Kahney, who writes the Cult of Mac blog for Wired. (That’s the two of us in the photo above.) So I’ll probably be keeping an eye on his stuff, and vice versa. Also, his book, The Cult of Mac, is a must-read. Honestly. I’m reading it now and it’s great. And I’m not just saying that because they’re paying me. Seriously. I’m not. Honest. Go buy it.

All joking aside: nothing about the blog will change. It will still be the same sicko stuff. It’s just that now I’ll be getting a little of the green stuff to keep this offensive site limping along. And I know what you’re wondering. Hey Fake Steve, what can I do to help? Well, if you’d like to click on a few Wired links now and then, well, that would be nice. Show some love to the nice people who care enough to sponsor Fake Steve. Much love, Wired. And much love, readers. Peace out.