Vista? We wouldn’t recommend it.

So Gates just called all in a rage. He’d heard about us telling iTunes users not to upgrade to Vista just yet because if they do they may lose all their songs and blow up their house or whatever. He’s like, Steve, you know that’s utter bullshit. There’s no danger at all and you’re just making this all up. Jesus!

And I’m like, Dude, it’s not bullshit, it’s very real, there are definitely problems making iTunes work with Vista, and I should know, because our guys put them there. And you should have seen what we were originally gonna do — was gonna be a popup window that says, Sorry your data got wiped out, loser. Guess you shoulda bought a Mac.

He sat there sputtering and ranting on and on about how he was gonna sue me or fight me or something, and I’m like, Yeah yeah, whatever, look, don’t you have to fly over to Freedonia and give out some vaccines or something?

God it feels sooooo good to do to Mr. Bill what he’s been doing to us and everyone else all these years. I love having a monopoly.

And as for this commenter who says we’re dragging our feet trying to work out the problems, you know, that’s just not true. We are really working hard on this. It’s a very big priority. Yep. Making iTunes work really well with Vista is really, really super important to us. I mean it.