Twas the Night Before They Met Fake Steve

Here’s one by a reader who calls himself “the unknown poet.”

“Twas The Night Before They Met Fake Steve”

‘Twas the night before Christmas,
and all through the house…
the Norwegians were grumbling
and calling him a louse.

The IPOD’s were placed
by the chimney with care,
in the hope that St.Nick would
answer the Norwegian’s prayer.

So Santa slid down the chimney
and brushed off his jacket,
looked into the crowd and said,
“What on Earth is this racket!?”

The Norwegians started up,
all griping at once,
until Santa scolded and said,
“I have time for only ONE dunce”.

So up steps Bjoern Erik Thon,
all gallant and poised,
and delivers a sermon
that is construed as white noise.

So Santa loses it fast…
and hammers down his fist!
While the Norwegians produce
a ludicrous laundry list.

Santa rips off his beard,
throws off his hat,
call the Norwegians ‘frigtards’,
and that’s that.

Their shock is immeasurable,
they quickly take leave,-
shrieking louder than ever:
“Who is Fake Steve?!?!”