Torvalds: I want to do something else for a living Satan: Sorry, a deal is a deal

My OS team has a bunch of open-source BSD freaks on it. Those guys follow all these underground hacker message boards and they say Linus Torvalds is tearing out his hair these days. Apparently he just realized that he’s going to have to spend the rest of his life sitting in his basement cranking out little bits of code for the Linux kernel and dealing with angry weenies from the Free Software Foundation, people he can’t stand in the first place. Docs have doubled his Prozac but he still just mopes around going “Why did I do this? Why? Why? Oh, I should have gone to law school. Or med school. I should have been a radical extremist or something. Instead I’m just another drone for IBM. Or is it Novell? Or Red Hat? Ay, dios mio! How did this happen?”