Those Linux petitioners

Just checked the Linux petition to see if you sick bastards were just kidding about posting fake names there. And you weren’t. So far I see the following: Olga Fukyercelf, Ivanna Humpadog, Ima McHoe, Balzac T. Bagger, Peekup Andropov and Jack Meoff. Folks, keep it going. Just shows what a pack of bored tech nerds can do when they set their minds to it! (Thanks also to those who managed to send love to FSJ in the comments. Nicely done.)

UPDATE: Pierre Hauweelee, Leigh Frigtard, Ajay Matharchod, Hugh J. Boner, Sir Humps A Lot, Watson Asfour, Mikeydell Satwat, Katya Balzoff, Miles Long, Bee J. Queen have all now registered too. Thanks folks for supporting the Linux community.

UPDATE #2: Lee Kyo Reem (an Amiga user), Jack Mehoff, Michael Dell and Ben Dover have all now joined as well.