Scooter’s got a radio show

You know they’ve been trying for years to find a way to keep McNealy from going to product meetings and frigging things up for the engineers. And now they’ve succeeded by making him a DJ and giving him his own goddamn radio show. Go here and click on the link about “McNealy’s Minute.” This hilarious little tidbit has him talking about what a huge vote of confidence it is to get that recent investment from the nice fellows at KKR. Yep. You know things are really going well at a company when hatchet-face Henry Kravis and his buyout barbarians snap up a chunk. Why that almost always means good things are just around the corner. Riiiight. Better yet is that after his intro Scooter goes on to interview Jon Schwartz, and asks him, “So how’s business.” You might be able to guess the answer. Business is great. Never better. The world is beating a path to our doorstep. Whew! Anyhow I guess Sun PR figures they’re better off having McNealy interview Schwartz than letting any actual reporters do the job. Though, judging by the way most of the Valley covers Sun, I can’t imagine the questions would be any tougher.