It’s official: The Journal hates Silicon Valley

Maybe you saw the big story on A1 of today’s Journal about Stanford prez John Hennessy. In case you’re wondering what it means when the Wall Street Journal leads their Saturday edition with a huge profile of someone and then devotes an entire jump page to the story and a big chart showing all the pies that person has his fingers into, let me explain: This is now what passes for a “gotcha” story in the Journal. This is their big “investigative” journalism. Sad to see how they’ve gone downhill. But they really think this is big Woodstein and Bernwood type stuff. Prez of Stanford has made money on Google and on some other companies. He’s put money into startups! Whew! He’s on the board of Google, and Stanford does business with Google!

Here’s the thing. The Journal hates the Valley. They think we’re all crooks. They think we’re playing a rigged game. Forget that we’re out here building companies and making products and taking risks and creating magical devices that restore a sense of childlike wonder to people’s lives. No, that’s not important. The reporters on this one are the same frigtards who are hoping to win a Pulitzer with their big back-dating “scandal” which wasn’t a scandal until they decided to try to whip it up into one.

Journal reporters, listen to me: You’re pygmies. You’re midgets. You’ve never invented anything. You’ve never created anything. You’ve never run a company, and you know what? You couldn’t. If you had any balls you wouldn’t be sitting at the Journal making peanuts and you know it. Bottom line: You’re jealous of us. So you reduce our success to a fairy tale about how we cheated to get where we are. Okay, makes you feel better about yourselves. Fire away. But here’s a challenge for you. If you really think you’re such hot shit, come out here, think up some bright idea, raise some venture money and see if you can make a go of it. What’s that? Yeah, I didn’t think so. You’d rather sit in your newsroom and scold the rest of us for being successful.