Help us create a marketing campaign for chavs

We’ve been doing some thinking about this Philadelphia hoodlum story and the opportunities to sell to thugs, juvenile delinquents and other low-lifes. Our marketing guys thought it might be a good idea to “open source” the project and get some idea from Apple users. Sort of a precursor to an Apple version of that Dell IdeaStorm website. (BTW have you seen that? Request number one is “ship machines with desktop Linux pre-loaded.” Shows just how happy all those Windows users are right? Though my experience with Linux loonies is they love to sign petitions, and who knows how many of those names are actually legit. Ahem.)

Anyway, I know we’ve got a lot of creative types who read this blog, so work up some ideas using your amazing Mac-based graphics design tools and send them in. We’ll post them here, or you can send in links and we’ll link to your efforts. Let’s put our heads together and reel in those elusive chavs! Peace out.