David Geffen, guardian of honor

Well since I’ve been overseeing this exploratory committee I’ve started paying attention to political stuff. And I must say I’m kind of taken aback by this latest thing where David Geffen criticized the Clintstones for being such awesome liars. See here if you missed the story. Well, I’m no fan of Bill and Shrillary. But I gotta say, Having someone from Hollywood call you a liar is like having Mini Me call you short. Have you ever dealt with these scumbags? These are guys who’d stab their mothers in the eye to get the last slice on a pizza tray. My God. And David Geffen of all people. Guy came up through the music business, and believe me, it shows. You should hear the stories from artists he screwed. Talk about someone who knows how to lie. David doesn’t know how not to lie. I used to go to meetings with him but just can’t be bothered anymore. There’s no point. He’s just sitting there trying to figure out how to screw you. And he doesn’t even bother to try to pretend otherwise. It’s sick.

As for the Hillary thing, what’s really going on is that he’s pissed cause he gave Bill Clinton all this money to pardon Leonard Peltier and then Clinton didn’t do it. Poor David was furious cause he thought he was gonna be the big hero springing old Sitting Bull from jail. Told Clinton he wanted his money back. Bubba told him to pound sand. Now David realizes that Obama is desperate for money. Believe me, these Hollywood vampires can smell that kind of weakness a mile away. And they know exactly how to exploit it. So now David is Barack’s new best friend. And he’s taken his little girlie-man cheap shot at Hillary, teed up and scripted with the help of Maureen Dowd, who by the way is just so awful that I can’t even believe they let her write for a newspaper. She’s like a smarmy college kid. But God it is fun to see the Democrats turning on each other like rats in a bag. And I always love it when the Hollywood vipers get all pious and sanctimonious. Nothing better.

BTW, as for my own plans, at this point I’m pretty much leaning toward running in 2008 on the Green Party ticket.