Check this out in Biz 2.0

Jon Fortt (who he?) has a column called “Utility Belt” on the Business 2.0 web site. His latest brainstorm is titled, “Why Apple should license the iPhone platform.” See here. I think a better title would be: “Why John Fortt is a writer at a web site and not the CEO of a multi-billion-dollar corporation.” Honestly. I mean, if you’re a stupid person, that’s fine. But keep it to yourself, right? Why do these guys always become journalists and advertise their stupidity to the world? It’s like a form of self-flagellation. And why do they always gravitate to business journalism? Could they not get jobs on the sports desk? I’m sorry. I guess that was mean. Awww. By the way, Jon Fortt, you’ve got an extra “T” in your last name. Not sure if you’ve noticed. But you should lose it. Makes no sense and throws off the balance of the letters. Way too heavy on the right side. Think about it.