Brent Schlender tries to decipher El Jobso

Fortune’s resident Apple expert speculates here that my open letter about DRM was some kind of crafty ploy to push the labels to rewrite our agreement so that the iPhone can download music directly from iTunes, rather than being connected to a Mac or a PC. Okay, fair enough. Brent always thinks I’ve got some kind of ulterior motive. And he’s still a little mad at me for some previous slights. Let me just say this. Brent was a much better Apple prognosticator when we were writing his stories for him. Now that he’s trying to go it alone, well, he’s often wide of the mark. Folks, take this for what it’s worth. There was no ulterior motive. I just wrote what was in my heart. Simplest explanation is usually true, right? It’s called Ockman’s Razor. Have you heard of it?