As promised, the meanest review of Vista yet

Don’t be fooled by the Muppet Show photo and the easygoing smile. Stephen Manes of Forbes is one angry man. And nothing stokes the dark fire of his genius more than Microsoft. Check out this review of Vista, which is really more of a rant than a review. Money quotes too numerous to mention. eg:

“A vista slightly more inspiring than the one over the town dump.”

“… a fading theme park with a few new rides, lots of patched-up old ones and bored kids in desperate need of adult supervision running things.”

“Should you upgrade your current machine? Are you nuts?”

“… utterly unimaginative, internally discordant and woefully out of tune.”

Not sure but I think he doesn’t like it. Seriously, if you hate Microsoft as much as I do, you’re gonna love this review. Reminds me of Anthony Lane writing about “The Da Vinci Code.”

Only problem is you have to endure the inane talking ads on the Forbes site. I wish they’d give you a little animated gun you could use to shoot the dude who’s going on about personal finance or whatever.