War expands: Now all of Europe

Jesus friggin Christ. Now the Dutch are jumping in too. They’re joining the idiots from Norway who want us to “open up” the iTunes format so songs can play on any machine, according to this story. What is it with these goddamn Scandinavians? Clearly they’re all in collusion with one another. And what is up with these names? Ewok von Doezeninzekrapfenhausen or whatever? Is there not a single person in Scandinavia with a normal name? Honestly, folks, there’s a simple solution. Just don’t buy music from the iTunes store. Go buy the CD and rip it yourself. It’ll cost you less, and it will be uncompressed, so it will actually sound better. You can do this online. Place called Amazon. Heard of it? Or just go get your music from any of the zillion other online stores besides iTunes. Honestly.

Or better yet. Why not take your big whoop Linux OS and build your own music player and your own music store — God I’d love to see the glitchy brick you’d crank out, and the frigtarded UI you bozos would put on the software — and make deals with all the record labels and sell songs whichever way you want. What’s that? Oh, right. That sounds like work, doesn’t it. I mean you’d sort of have to put down your hash pipes and get off your ass and start a company. Much easier to just go to your rigged courts and use them to put the screws to the people who actually did go to all the trouble and expense of making an online music store that actually works. Heck, picketing is so much easier than actually making stuff. I mean, you can picket while you’re stoned. And you guys are soooo good at picketing. Just look at the French. It’s their number one national sport, followed closely by bashing beurs.

Listen up, Europe. We don’t need your business. We definitely don’t need your complaining and your hypocritical sanctimonious preaching. God, does anyone still wonder why Europe has fallen behind economically? Just a bunch of lazy whingeing socialists who want everything given to them for free. Go away. I’m serious. Especially you Scandinavians.