A reader suggests

This just came in via comments and I think it’s a good idea:

“FSJ. Listen. I need a FSJ tshirt. The whole world needs to know that I invented the friggin’ ipod. Frankly, I’m a little pissed off right now that I won’t have one in time for macworld. How about a contest?”

I’ve kind of been thinking the same thing lately. (Which is why I call it “a good idea,” cause I had it too. If I hadn’t had it, the idea would be “lametarded.” Just how I work. It’s how I do things.)

Anyway. Some of you creative type dudes certainly must have some artistic talent. And I really do think we need a team T-shirt for this blog.

So let’s make it a contest. Design a T-shirt, we’ll pick a winner, or two, and we’ll figure out a way to sell them online. I won’t do the selling. Let’s let one of our readers make a buck on this one.

H. Aiku, are you reading this? And Mr. A. Musing? Vaporland? All you other regular contributors?

Peace out.