The other winning emergent design

Simply this, in Myriad typeface, white letters across a black shirt.

Dude, I invented the friggin iPod. Have you heard of it?

If possible get it all on one line.

Beneath that, in smaller type:

No photos, no pictures, nothing else. Just the slogan and the url.

We’ve gone through so many emergent designs that I can’t remember whose idea this was. Please write in and let me know and I’ll send you 20,000 fake backdated options too.

And please, I’m dead serious about selling these. Let’s get them up someplace. I can’t do it because Apple lawyers won’t let me. But surely someone out there wants to make a few bucks off this blog. Right?

And no, I don’t mind leaving money on the table for my partners. Well, yes, ordinarily I do. But in this case, whatever. My hands are tied, from a legal frigtard perspective.