The Nardelli fiasco

So I’m getting all these emails this morning about Nardelli getting tossed out of Home Depot. I guess cause there’s all this hullabaloo about how he was arrogant and how, as the Journal says this morning, the job of a CEO has changed and you can’t just up the numbers and get your exorbitant pay package. You’ve gotta be a politician or whatever, and kiss the butts of all these “shareholder advocates, hedge funds, private-equity deal makers, legislators, regulators, attorneys general, nongovernmental organizations and countless others who want a say in how public companies manage their affairs.” People are saying to me, Look, Steve, you’ve got Greenpeace, and Google, and Microsoft, and the SEC, and the U.S. attorney, and the European regulators, and even the gay longhairs all screaming for your scalp.”

Folks, all this hand-wringing over Nardelli is just another way for these idiot newspapers to sell copies. If you want to know what torpedoed Nardelli, just look here. It’s as simple as that. Money talks, bullshit walks. If that chart looked like this, Bob Nardelli would still be coming to work.

What also kills me is the way all the journos, especially the commie business-haters at the NY Times, are so upset about Nardelli’s pay package and his severance package. My goodness, the man made — gasp — $64 million over the past six years! And now they’re paying him $210 million to go away! Dudes, if I made that little, I’d put a gun in my mouth.