I’m not going anywhere

Not even the SEC can stop me. Or the DOJ. Or whatever. They’ll need friggin ninjas to tear me outta here. You want to know why? See this story about the Apple faithful getting into queue at 3 in the morning outside the Moscone Center, just so they could see me in person. These are people who travel across the country and stand there in the dark for hours like they’re hoping to get their hands on tickets to the Beatles reunion concert. And this is all so they can see me. I’m telling you, friends, you cannot imagine the kind of meditation and focus and energy that is required for me not to become a raving egomaniac. It’s just a tremendous amount of work in order to keep myself grounded and humble. But I’m doing it.

And as I’ve been telling these frigtarded reporters and frigtarded SEC people, it’s not about me. I serve at the pleasure of the board. Thing is, these days I’m delivering lots of pleasure. You do the math.