Friggin Markoff

So I spent this huge amount of time with him — not sure how much but it felt like an eternity; have you ever had the displeasure of meeting him? — and he asks me a million questions and we talk about all kinds of stuff, and what does he write about? The friggin options thing. Honestly. Still, I think my official answer pretty much nailed it:

The truth of the matter is everything is fine. It’s raised questions, but some of the journalism has been so off the mark. But I know the truth. It’s painful to read some of this stuff, but I know it’s kind of ridiculous and will pass.

What I really said, just FYI, was this:

Friggin Markoff, are you friggin retarded? Were you born this stupid or did you have to work on it? Dude, we’re sitting here and even as we speak the stock is soaring. I just introduced a product that is going to change the friggin world, like the Mac and iPod. And yet the only thing you can think to ask about is the friggin options thing which is already done and settled? Dude, you are lucky I don’t have you killed as you leave this building. Honestly. Sleep with one eye open tonight.

I guess he felt he had to clean it up a bit. Well, thanks for nothing, frigtard.