Sorry to be out of touch

Friends, I was rehearsing all day yesterday and we’re still trying to get every last detail right for the big speech next week. Plus I spent ninety minutes with Jerry York yelling at me from a foot away. Guy has dog breath. And he spits a lot. I had to have one of my assistants bring me a pair of giant sunglasses that Bono left here the last time he visited, and some of that white stuff that coroners wipe under their noses when they examine dead bodies. Yeah. We’re talking that kind of smell. Honestly, I don’t know what the hell Jerry eats. But I really think the dude should see a dentist.

Well. I’m going into seclusion now, beginning my usual pre-speech fast and meditation for the next few days. Nothing but miso soup and fruit juice between now and the big event. I’m in day four of the Seven Day Miracle Cleanse and feeling rejuvenated, as always.

Might be going dark until Tuesday, though If I can come out of my trance long enough I’ll try to post over the weekend. Peace out.

Oh, but one more thing: Do *not* believe these rumors about my health that those white devils on on Wall Street have been spreading. All bullshit. They’re just trying to knock down the stock so they can pick it up a little cheaper and make a little bit bigger bump after the news on Tuesday. There’s no need of this anyway, because believe me, it’s gonna be a *big* bump. That’s all I’m gonna say.