Caption winners

Okay it’s been two weeks and I’m sorry for the delays. But here goes. There were many more that we really loved but we had to go with only a few.

The HALO is the WRONG color. It SUCKS. You’re FIRED.


Dear Satan, In exchange for unimaginable fame and glory and riches, I promise you my soul. Love, FSJ

The Messiah
Dad, I keep trying to tell them that I’m back but they don’t believe me. Will you tell them?


Dear Buddah, May my hair stay this thick and full bodied for the rest of my life. I’l promise to be less of a jerk.

“now lessee, a good maturity date for these options would be like . . . hmmm . . .around, say, July of ’97?”

Paul W
The ceiling mirror sure helps Steve to keep praying.