Caption contest

Well my friggin lawyers are advising me that I will have to shut down this scandalous old blog. Details not worth going into here. Someday I’ll be able to explain. Maybe I’ll write a book or something. Maybe a really beautiful e-Book that you can carry in your pocket and which will be sleek and elegant and shiny, with rounded corners and an extremely hi-res touch screen and only one button. Anyhoo, I’ve really enjoyed having this naked conversation with you, and I hope I’ve managed to restore a sense of childlike wonder to your life. The photo above, I believe, makes a perfect swansong. No prize this time. Just doing it for love and glory. Extra points to anyone who can translate this mad crazy funky language.

For now, dear friends, let me leave you with a message of hope and peace and love. Follow your dreams. Do what you love. Dance like nobody’s watching, sing like nobody’s listening. When accused of wrongdoing, clam up and point the finger at the people underneath you. To all of you regular readers and posters: Domo arigato, as they say in Mandarin Chinese. Or is it Tibetan? If you believe in reincarnation, as I do, then you’ll know that old FSJ isn’t going away, just taking another shape. So maybe, one day, if you look real close, you’ll recognize me again somewhere. As Tom Joad said, I’ll be all around in the dark. As Tom Joad didn’t say: Much love; namaste; peace out. –FSJ