Another emergent design review

Friends, re: these T-shirts. We’ve boiled it down to 2 designs, one with just a logo in Myriad type, by John Muir, saying, Dude, I invented the friggin iPod. Have you heard of it?

The other has the photo and the “Dude, I invented the iPod. Have you heard of it?” slogan in a voice balloon, with Viva Fake Steve under it. (This by H. Aiku).

Here’s where we need input. On design #2 by H. Aiku, should we have just Steve’s photo or should we have the Che beret? I liked the Che beret but I’m always driven by minimalist urges. And someone suggests (wisely I think) that the Che thing is just a distraction.

Let’s hear it from the voters. Che beret or no Che beret?

Then we’ll get these 2 shirts onto Cafe Press.