Adios, frigtard

Well, today’s a too-fer, as in two-for-one. First we blew out our numbers, and then we got our pals in Washington to fire this bonehead US Attorney who’s been hassling us on the options. See here and here. And we made sure they wrote it up that “Kevin Ryan is leaving to spend time with his family,” so everybody would understand that people were bitching about this guy and so Washington canned him for trying to lead some egomaniacal crusade against Apple even though, as I’ve said time and time again, no crime was committed. So look, Kevin V. Ryan. You want to come out here to my Valley and push Steve Jobs around? You want to play hardball, ese? I think you must be loco. Mess with the dudes from Brocade if you want, fair enough. But try to tangle with the Jobsmeister and it’s like having sex with a porcupine, if you get my drift. I run this Valley. And Hollywood too. So this time you messed with the wrong genius, you big dope. You tried to punch above your weight, and you got TKO’d.

Much love to Jerry York and his shadowy pals in D.C., and also who could overlook the huge contribution of my dear friend Mr. Albert Gore Jr. Not to mention Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi. If you want to understand a little of the subtleties of this matter, I urge you to check out who appointed Kevin V. Ryan and then consider who’s in power today in Washington. Food for thought. It’s a new day for all of us. Now we just need to get this friggin iPhone to work right by June, and Bob’s yer fookin uncle, as Bono would say.