Update on Ja’red

So Ja’red, the dude that Bike Helmet Girl brought to Thanksgiving dinner, just finished his first week working at Apple and I think he’s a little disillusioned. We put him in manufacturing and at first he was all psyched about the bunny suit which seems very high tech and all. But after a couple of days it dawned on him that mostly his job involved typing out shipping labels (photo above) and shooting packing peanuts into boxes with one of these hoses that we’ve got hanging from the ceiling. (Again, kind of cool the first few times you blast away; not so fun after you’ve done it a thousand times. And yes, at Apple even the packing peanut dudes wear full bunny suits. It’s one of the first changes I instituted after I took over again.) Anyhoo, I explained to Ja’red that you can’t just walk in here and start going to top-level strategy meetings. I want him to learn the business from the bottom up, the same way I did. He agreed this made sense. But I saw him this afternoon and he was kind of bummed out again. Turns out one of the guys down there showed him a parts list and price list for the components in an iMac, and he calculated the obscene amount of profit we’re making on every machine, and this got him kind of upset. Sigh. Remember being young like that?