Sergey, you are shameless

Dudes, I’m having a little R&R in an undisclosed Eastern European location this week but just took a peek at the blog and noticed that among the ads in the little AdSense bar (which, yes, I know, you frigtards never click on, thanks a friggin lot) there is an ad for “James Brown Tickets.” With the following text: Buy Cheap Concert Tickets. Low Prices. Trusted Merchant. Includes a link to a site called Please, please, call these guys up and ask for James Brown tickets. I’m begging you.

Weather is cold here in Eastern Europe (actually this is central Europe, so I’m told). It’s just so great to be someplace where nobody knows who I am, and I can walk the streets and visit stores and just pretend to be an ordinary person for a few days. I’m sitting here in this cozy little Internet cafe, drinking a chai latte and reading my email, and I just feel so, well, normal. Much love to everyone. Sorry about missing this week’s photo contest. We’ll pick up again next week OK? Much love.