Operation "Wavecat"

Awesome 2007 planning meeting with our top-secret Windows Virus Creation Team (aka WVCT, or “Wavecat”) this morning. These guys are mostly Russians and we like to think they are the finest virus writers in the world. They did an awesome job on XP, and the good news is that Dima Mukhoyobski, our team leader, says they’ve got even better stuff cooking up for Vista. Apparently the new OS has got more gummed-up holes than one of Bill O’Reilly’s loofahs. Meeting today was to bring together our advertising people and Dima’s team so we can coordinate virus release dates with more of our “Switch Now” ad campaigns. Can’t tell you exactly what these new viruses will do, but for those of you doing some last-minute computer shopping for the Solstice Holiday, let me offer some advice: Don’t buy a PC. For those of you still stubbornly refusing to switch? Fasten your seatbelts, frigtards!