I told you Apocalypto was gonna bomb

So just as I predicted, Apocalypto has been a huge failure. We had a good pop on opening weekend mostly because we had no real competition. But since then ticket sales have dropped faster than Paris Hilton’s panties at a frat party. Way back in the summer I told these frigtards at Disney, What are you thinking? A movie in ancient Mayan, with subtitles, and huge amounts of gore and violence? In the middle of holiday season? Are you nuts? Let’s open small in a few artsy theaters, see if it grows legs and let it build by word of mouth. But no. The Disney marketing geniuses decide to open wide in thousands of cinemas. And, predictably, it’s a flop. Well, the three guys responsible for this horrific decision just got canned. I did it. Iger was like, Dude, let’s wait till January, we can’t fire guys on Christmas Eve, and I’m like, Bob, first of all, I don’t celebrate Christmas, and second, We’ll give them each a week’s pay as severance, and third, We gotta send a message to people at Disney about accountability. Sure, we want you to take risks. But if you make a mistake, you pay for it. All there is to it. Merry friggin Christmas, a-holes, and here’s your extra week’s pay.