A holiday season note

This memo just went out on email to all Apple employees, including retail store employees. I’d appreciate it if you could spread links to this post on Fox News and other Christiano-fascist websites so that people will understand why we follow our tradition-neutral holiday policy. Certain organizations have been attempting to bully us with threats of boycotts. I have strong feelings about this issue. I’m proud of Apple’s policies. As a non-Christian (an atheist-Buddhist in fact) this issue is also personal to me. I really want to let people know where Apple stands and why we behave the way we do. Please help. Thank you.

TO: Apple employees
FR: Steve Jobs
RE: Holiday protocol
DATE: 6 December 2006

Dear fellow Apple employees:

Since its inception our company has worked hard to provide a welcoming environment to all employees and all customers. We are very proud of our diversity and inclusiveness. For this reason we have adopted the following holiday season policy.

1. Retail employees are instructed to not greet customers with “Merry Christmas.” More inclusive expressions such as “Happy holidays” or “Season’s greetings” are recommended instead. If a customer should greet you with “Merry Christmas,” please be gracious, smile, and respond with an inclusive greeting such as “Season’s greetings.”

2. Employees in Cupertino and other Apple facilities are asked not to decorate their offices or common work spaces (doors, coffee areas) with Christmas-related symbols, eg mangers, trees, crosses, Santa Claus, tinsel, reindeer, and so forth. As above, inclusive decorations that celebrate the festivity of the season for all people are encouraged instead. Also, as in the stores, please, no Christmas music.

Folks, most of this is common sense. Apple is a world company serving the needs of all people from many traditions. We hope this seasonal policy will help bring people together at a time when togetherness and understanding are most urgently needed.

Happy holidays, and peace to you all.