Here’s to you, open source frigtards

So Larry calls me, howling, and says, Remember that French frigtard who said he’d just “fucked Larry Ellison” and so I canceled a deal to buy his dumbass company, JBoss? And so he went and sold it instead to the frigtards at Red Hat? Well, now, the obnoxious Frenchiepoo is walking out on Red Hat, as expected, but not after he first went around mouthing off to the press about how the place sucks. Guess maybe he figured that he was never gonna get his earn-out bonus now that I’ve trashed Red Hat’s stock with my little announcement about cloning their software. So tell me this. What does Red Hat now have, for its $350 million? All of the JBoss dudes have left. The software itself is open-source, meaning JBoss doesn’t own it. So what does Red Hat have? A handful of dust, brother. And some bad publicity. Ha! And where this little caniche Fleury gonna go? Who’s gonna ever hire him or give him venture money? This is a guy who once told a customer, “Suck my dick.” I swear to God. We found this out in our due diligence. Along with the fact that not only does Monsieur Caniche not own his IP, in fact someone else, um, kinda does. Yeah. Should the patent holder (cough IBM cough) decide to pull the trigger, Red Hat is now on the hook for the damages. They can write that check just after they write one to Mr. Bill for the IP that their Linux infringes. Oh, it’s a world of merde, my friend. Do you suppose it has ever occurred to any of these morons that I never intended to buy this POS company, and was only dangling big numbers out there so that I could bump up the price that Red Hat would have to pay when its hair-trigger CEO got all huffy and rushed in to “outbid” me? Brother, this is like playing checkers with chimps. Hey, Mr. French dude, and Mr. CEO of Red Hat, whose name escapes me, I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again: You don’t fuck Larry; Larry fucks you.