Contest: Find a new "Yelptard of the Month"

Dudes, BPG has taken down all her reviews on Yelp. Which is unfortunate because they were amazingly good. Anyhoo, we’ve had our fun, but it seems best that we should just leave BPG and BPB alone. Not because of the lawsuits or the samurai sword expertise. (Well, okay, maybe a little because of the swords.) But they seem like nice enough folks, and they don’t seem to appreciate the humor. So let’s bid them a fond farewell and go find some other Yelptard who is either a) super pretentious; or b) super mean; or c) both. Free fake shuffle to whoever finds our first Yelptard of the Month.

Also: Though we’re going to lay off BPG and BPB, Fantasia Q. Minge is still fair game. Peace out.