Confession: Vinyl still sounds better

I shouldn’t admit this, because of all the money we’re making on iPods and iTunes, but when I really want to sit down and listen to music, I listen to vinyl. I’ve got an old Linn-Naim rig and some Harbeth speakers and I gotta tell you, this stuff is all 30 years old and wasn’t that expensive but it friggin sings. There’s a reason why Dylan and Neil Young have been griping so much about the way all the new music sounds. Frankly I never liked the sound of CDs either and most of what I buy is still vinyl, like when my old records wear out I’ll replace them with another record. If you’ve never heard Joni Mitchell’s “Blue” on 180-gram vinyl, well, put it this way: you’ve never heard it. Same goes for any of the old Dylan, CSNY, or Dead albums. Or anything really. Look, I know these audiophiles hate me for selling this iTunes crap in a compressed format that sounds even worse than CD. Can I help it if frigtards want to carry a zillion songs in their pocket? And if they’re too stupid to know that it sounds like crap? Damn, people, I’m a businessman. Mea culpa, as they say in Farsi. And lo siento.

Anyway, this is just something I’ve wanted to say out loud for like forever. I love vinyl. I love analog. I hate digital. If you could see my vinyl collection (which you can’t, so don’t even ask) you would understand. It’s amazing. I’ve got thousands of records, just an encyclopedia of everything: blues, jazz, folk, rock, country, bluegrass, classical. After I’m gone this will be in a friggin museum, I swear. God, you know what, my PR people are gonna friggin kill me when they see this post. Too bad, people. You told me just say what’s on my mind. So there it is. Now I have to run. My carrot juice has just been squeezed, and my tai chi instructor is gonna be here in fifteen minutes. Peace out.