Sure you can’t stay and be dinner?

Do yourself (and me) a favor, and see “Apocalypto” this weekend. We’re making a bold bet and opening wide tonight, on 2,500 screens. Lots of dudes at Disney wanted to do the slow build thing and start with a small footprint and let the movie build an audience by word of mouth. “Easier to declare victory on Monday if we set expectations low,” was Iger’s opinion. No way. Overruled. El Jobso trusts his gut on these things, and I’m telling you, I’ve seen this movie a dozen times, and it is an amazing piece of filmmaking, a classic that people will be talking about forty or fifty or even a hundred years from now. I’m not kidding. It’s that good. I’m getting behind it 100 percent. So please go see it. It will change your life. Say what you will about Mel Gibson. The man is a genius. And sometimes geniuses can be, well, difficult. Look at Henry Ford. He hated Jews too. But the Model T changed the world. I’m not defending these guys. I’m just saying, Go see the movie, and then decide.