The votes are in: Zune blows

Great little story on B2 of the Journal this morning about how Microsoft’s “iPod killer” ranked 76th on Amazon yesterday. Story is written by someone named “Carmen Fleetwood” which I think is one of those made-up bylines they use when nobody wants to take the heat for pissing off Mister Softie. Like the “Alan Smithee” name that movie directors use. Because, come on — Carmen friggin Fleetwood? You really think there’s a person with that name? Dude, that is totally Don Clark. Or Rob Guth.

But back to the Zune bashing. Even Rob Enderle, who I’m pretty sure is on the Microsoft payroll and keeps a framed photo of Mr. Bill above his bed, had unkind things to say: “At the end of the day, you put it on a shelf and it just didn’t compare.” And a Microsoft flack says Zune sales were “exactly within our expectations.” Yup. Like, exactly 10 percent of what we expected. Ha! Bill Gates, the world is finally realizing that not only are you evil, but you also are a frigtard who makes terrible products. Hurray for the world! And folks, if you think Zune is a turd, wait till you see the response to Vista. Talk about a shit sandwich.