Speaking of transsexuals

Check out the look on Ballmer’s face in this interview where CNET sent a tranny to interview him. He looks just a wee bit uncomfortable, no? Yeah. Like he wants to jump out the window. Friggin CNET totally does this to frig with people’s heads. That’s why most of us won’t let them get anywhere near us. Ask old Squirrel Boy about it; he banned them for a year once. The worst thing about CNET is they do things like send this tranny to interview you and then they totally act all serious and earnest so you can’t bust them on it. I can just imagine that dick Kanellos sitting there going, “Ballmer, eh? And we’re getting fifteen minutes? And we can only talk about Zune, nothing else? Okay. Let’s send Ina.” I’ll say this about Ina, she’s about the least passable shemale you’ll ever encounter. Nice rack, however.

One more thing: Is my hearing going bad, or does Ballmer say, “afixianado” in this interview? Guess he got flustrated or something.