Remember, it’s San Francisco

Lot of nasty comments rolling in about BHG’s dance video. One thing you gotta remember. This is San Francisco, okay? It’s not New York or Los Angeles. I mean the weather is nice here but we don’t exactly draw the top talent in certain cultural areas. We’re not really a major city; we’re basically Bend, Oregon, with taller buildings. The kids who really know how to dance and sing don’t come here. Who does? Well, the kids who minored in dance at Oberlin and want to play around at it for a few years before either a) going to Stanford to get an MBA; or b) marrying some investment banker and moving to Marin to make babies. You just have to adjust expectations down if you live here. Our symphony is second rate; our museums are a joke; our newspapers are worse than most college dailies. But out here it’s all about trying hard and having good intentions. You ever read the arts reviews in the Chronicle? Disney can spend $50 million and put hundreds of the world’s best talent to work making a first-rate movie for kids, and some wanker at the Chron who probably can’t splice together two clips in iMovie dismisses it as “derivative” and gives it one star. But if four spastics put on leotards and leap around a stage like they’ve got St. Vitus’ Dance, claiming this is about no-blood-for-oil, then it’s a triumphant breakthrough in the world of performance art, an important — no, necessary — piece of work. Ugh.

So anyway. BHG, I love you. Don’t listen to these frigtards who are dissing your dance video. It’s great. Honestly. It’s creative and inspiring. And it’s all about you, expressing yourself. I loved it. Peace out.