A new broom in Washington

So obviously I’m very excited about the outcome of the election. I think the new leadership is going to be fantastic for the country and I think they’ve got some really great ideas, with the exception of things like Nancy Pelosi’s idea to make flag burning mandatory in public schools. Otherwise I’m down with just about everything. The five dollar tax on gas. The immediate withdrawal from Iraq. Nobel Peace Prizes for Ahamadinejad and King John Ill so that they’ll finally feel loved and will stop trying to make nukes. (So clever, that one.) Amnesty for all illegal aliens and an immediate revocation of all immigration laws. (That one is one we at Apple lobbied for cause we sooo need the engineers. I’m not even kidding.) Loads of subsidies for green tech ventures so patriotic guys like T.J. Rodgers and John Doerr can dare to make those risky bets needed to make solar energy a reality in our lifetime. And, um, a new airline for Richard Branson in America. You just know that’ll be so killer, with like hot British stewardesses in miniskirts and scones for a snack, right? (Not that I’ll fly on it, cause commercial airlines give me hives. But for the average person it’ll be a tremendous value-add.) Finally, if Santa really wants to be nice, she could think about putting a leash on those Rottweilers at the SEC who are hassling all those hard-working CEOs who are only trying to make the world a better place by creating beautiful objects that restore a sense of childlike wonder to our lives. (Hint, hint. Check’s in the mail, Nancy.)