My blog is so much better than Jonathan Schwartz’s

I gotta admit, doing a CEO blog isn’t easy. I put it off for a long time, even though people were really bugging me to do it. I’ll be honest — I was kinda scared. What would I write about? Would people rip me to shreds on the comment strings? But it’s been pretty fun, all in all. One thing that’s been particularly fun is just kicking the bejesus out of Ponytail Boy’s blog. I guess you’d have to know Jonathan to understand. He just sooo loves himself. And he was bugging me for months to do a blog, which really was just his way of trying to tell me how great his blog was. So it’s been really, really satisfying to blow him away. I mean, not that I’m counting readers or anything. But I do have a lot more than he does, apparently.

BTW, I’m sworn to secrecy on this, but Jonathan is going to make a big announcement tomorrow. I don’t want to spoil the surprise. (God knows I hate when friggin bloggers do that to me.) So I’ll be a mensch and wait for Jonathan to make it official before I make fun of it here.