More on Borat

So I was talking to Catherine, the hot member of the Make Out Girls (on the right in the photo, in the tight gray Givenchy skirt) and we were making plans to go see Bike Helmet Girl in her performance this Thursday night in San Francisco. Catherine and Catriona are gonna drive over from Santa Cruz (they’re grad students, lit crit and film studies) and then we’re gonna drive up to SF together, watch the show, catch some late dinner, and crash at my apartment in the city. (My wife thinks I’m gonna be in Beijing. Cool eh?) Anyhoo. Catherine says she saw my blog item on Borat and wanted to tell me that it was “spot on,” as she says in her semi-fake-British East-Coast-intellectual quasi-Mid-Atlantic accent. (She did a Fulbright year at Oxford and has never completely lost the accent. Which frankly I consider quite hot and at not at all pretentious or phony.) She says it doesn’t matter whether SBC doesn’t realize that he’s tapping into anti-Islamic sentiment. He’s doing it. Then she went on and on about authorial intent and the agency of the audience and the Jungian unconscious and racism and fear of Muslims and whatever.

“We disagree with you about Borat being not funny. We think he’s very funny. But you’re right that this phenomenon is sad. It’s sad to think that we live in a country that is so psychologically wounded that it finds Borat funny. We are interested in studying how people exploit fear and use it to manipulate crowds. Herr Bush and Herr Rove are working the same vein as Borat. Difference is just that SBC and his Hollwood backers simply want to make money. As for the Hollywood guys, don’t imagine they don’t know what they’re doing with this film either. You do realize they hire people like us to study this for them before they put up the money?”

Dudes, I have no idea what any of this horsecrap means, and I don’t care. All I know is I’m soooo gonna get some high-IQ punani on Thursday night. And in this case we’re talking two brainiac chicks at the same time. Catherine made a point of telling me that they’re not lesbians, they’re bisexual. Dude, I haven’t had a three-way since I was dating Joan Baez. (Not telling who the third person was, but let’s just say you might not be reading this today if he hadn’t invented Ethernet.) So. El Jobso and two hot grad students. My hands are shaking as I write this. Thursday night I’m packing a bag of mushrooms, a trunk full of free MacBook Pros and iPods, and a half gallon of baby oil. Larry Ellison, eat your heart out. I can’t friggin wait.

One more thing: The photo above was taken by Mitchell Aidelbaum, aka “Maximum Mitch,” aka King o Da Pimps. Much love, Maximum Mitch. See your fat ass Thursday at the show. And bring your friggin camera cause it’s not every day you get to meet El Jobso. And if you miss this chance you ain’t gonna get another, I promise.