The lesson of the PS3

Is simply this: If you make something cool, price does not matter. Month after month we’ve been hearing this bitching about how the PS3 was priced too high (and yeah, loads of that was just Microsoft-funded astroturfing, but whatever). Now here it is, at 600 bucks, and people are lining up and waiting outside in the rain for days and even risking their lives to get them. Why? Cause they friggin rock. And the high price only adds to the allure. If anything, Kutaragi could have charged more. Folks, we live in a society where people have a lot of money. Okay? I gotta hand it to Sony. It’s a beautiful box. Really nice design. Larry and I both got one in advance. Bono, of course, got ten and he’s selling nine of them on Ebay. Bastard.