I believe music has the power to transform lives

That’s why we made the iPod. Not because of money. But because it could transform lives. And transform the world. That’s how all our product decisions begin at Apple. Not with, How much money can we make? But with, Will this product change the world? Will it make the world a better place? Could it help bring about world peace? If the answer is yes, we do it. And we let the money take care of itself. Because if you make a great, transformative product, the money does take care of itself.

And because I believe so much in the power of music, in the last year or so I’ve started carrying around a half dozen or so Shuffles, pre-loaded with great music. Stuff like Dylan (of course), The Byrds, The Dead, CSNY, Lothar, U2. That way, when I encounter homeless people asking for spare change, I give them a Shuffle and a pair of earbuds instead. So hey, maybe they’re camping out under the Cesar Chavez Boulevard exit off 101, huddled in their cardboard box and trying to keep their shopping cart from being stolen, but at least they’ve got some sweet inspirational tunes to listen to. I like to think that maybe, just maybe, that’s made a difference in one or two lives. I’ve been urging my friends to try this. It’s a great thing to do during the holiday season. And yeah, you can write off the value of the Shuffles on your taxes, as long as you hang on to your receipts. So it’s a win-win.