Gates sentenced to death by hanging

Katie Cotton just rushed in with this story from the AP wire. As expected, the Microsoft Novell deal is now starting to have some repercussions at the EU Commission. Here’s Mr. Bill being escorted out of a courtroom by EU antitrust commissioner Neelie Kroes after a panel of judges sentenced him to death by hanging, saying it’s the only way they can see now to stop him. Apparently the EuroTards freaked when they read about the Novell deal and realized their government agencies will be devoting years of effort and millions of Euros to remove Microsoft programs from their data centers only to replace them with … Microsoft programs. They also got spooked when they uncovered some internal Microsoft emails which referred to the deal as “Operation Lebensraum” and called Ron Hovsepian by the code name “Neville.” All I can say is, Bill, you brought this on yourself. You’ve got 95% market share, but that’s still not enough. Old friend, though Apple and everyone else in the Valley were lobbying for this verdict, still, I almost feel bad for you. Almost.