Caption winners

Dudes, you outdid yourselves on the MicroTards lineup. So many entries and so many good ones! The team here at FSJ headquarters spent long hours debating the merits of these entries and were up most of the night. At last we’ve decided to praise a bunch of them. Much love to all who participated. Fake Nanos to the following standouts.

Ballmer: “We are gonna own spring break this year.”

Check it out, DOUCHE SANDWICH!

Dockers, we can’t make your software look good but we can make you look good… er mildly approachable… forget it! Just bring in the hobos for the commercial.

Bill: C’mon, Steve, ask her to dance…
Steve: I will, I will! Just give me a minute…

All those that don’t know what a clitoris is, please stand over here.

species: Homo Frigtardus
habitat: rain forest of the NW United States
charactericstic trait: couldn’t get laid in a whorehouse.

Operative C:
Studio Photography Tip #48: Adding Steve Ballmer makes everyone else look less crazy. [Note, this also works for executive teams.]