Boyfriend of Butt Plug Girl writes in

He calls himself “Saxon MacLeod” (which I believe was the name of a private eye on some 1970s TV show — he drove a Trans Am that talked or something) and says the following in the comment string on the BPG item:

I’m going to give you an opportunity to show you’re anything but a 12 year old girl by getting in touch with me, at which point I will give you an opportunity to take on the face you’ve appropriated through the reconstructive plastic surgery you will need.

Butt Plug Boy, I really get upset by negative people and violence of any kind — I’m all about creating beautiful objects and making the world a more amazing place — but if you really want to throw down, hey, round up your nunchuks and butt plugs and drive down in your talking Trans Am to 1 Infinite Loop in Cupertino and ask for me. I’ll have my ex-Mossad security team at the gates, and Katie Cotton in her sniper post waiting for you. Or just call the main number, 408-996-1010, and ask for me, and we’ll make an appointment. We can meet on the heliport out back. I gotta warn you, I’ve been doing tai chi for like 30 friggin years. I may have to do the Dance of the Panther on you. If you wanna make it a real rumble, bring a couple of your tie-dyed candy-ass Berkeley friends, and I’ll bring Larry Ellison and T.J. Rodgers. Think you can handle three middle-aged billionaires? Well do ya, punk?