Bike Helmet Girl video!

No kidding, it’s her, and she’s dancing in very tight black shorts and a white tank top. See here. Oh my friggin God. I don’t know much about dance, and this stuff looks pretty funky and avant garde, almost sort of reminds me of some of my tai chi moves. But one thing I do know about is women’s butts, and this girl is about as close to a 10 as you’ll ever see. Lot of people don’t know about my ass fixation, but it’s true. I’m a butt man, always have been. Larry is more about the boobs (and epicanthic folds) but I’m all about the ass. And let me tell you something, this Bike Helmet Girl has got some Grade A glutes. Must be all the cycling. That and the dancing. I swear you could bounce quarters off those cheeks. Tiffany, I worship at your altar of callipygian perfection.

PS if any other incredibly attractive funky-alternative type babes in the Bay Area have upcoming events where they will be performing with very little clothing on, and you want these events promoted, please be like Tiffany and send the info along. Old sugar daddy FSJ will be glad to help you out.