Vista: A national day of mourning

So Microsoft is going around telling people how like a bazillion million business users will be adopting Vista by the end of next year. By “adopting” I guess they mean “forced to use this POS operating system by their despotic corporate overlords.”

You know what? I weep for these people. And I’ve come up with an idea. If/when Vista actually ever ships, I propose we hold a national day of mourning for all those poor souls who will be forced to use it. Remember, these are our family members. Our neighbors. Our elderly relatives who will buy PCs at Circuit City and then get home and start calling us, asking us why their frigtarded machines won’t work. (By the way, the correct answer to that last question is, “I don’t know, Grandpa. I use a Mac. Maybe you should too. You cheap bastard.”)

I’m thinking black armbands, candlelight vigils. Maybe a million-man march. I’m also personally planning to spend whatever amount of money it takes to make sure that every Greenpeace office in the world is outfitted with shiny new Vista-running Dells. Since they’re so great and all.

Anyone else have ideas? Please share.