This site creeps me out

A commenter dropped a link to this site, which is called “all about steve,” with about a zillion photographs of me, and I just have to say this: Dude, you are creeping me out. Can you imagine some lunatic sitting around all day gathering up photos of me and putting them on his website, like some friggin schoolgirl collecting fanzine photos of Bobby Sherman? What kind of sick weirdo has nothing better to do than write an entire website about Steve Jobs?

The site is managed by this French kid named Romain Moisecot, who claims he was born on my birthday and has some kind of weird obsession with Macs and with me personally. We have been trying to shut his ass down for years. Soon as we get a court order, he goes offline then pops up somewhere else. It’s like playing friggin whack-a-mole. Now he’s posting comments on my blog. Plus the French courts totally suck and drag everything out for months and years. Except, of course, when some a-hole wants to sue us over the iPod, in which case everything sails along quite smoothly. Funny ain’t it?