This is maybe a little bit embarrassing

But this year I had some of our PR people put together a little presentation to send to the Nobel people. All about the Apple World Peace Summit featuring Bill Clinton, Nelson Mandela and Bono. One of our guys got a little snippy with me, saying that a, you can’t apply for a Nobel prize, and b, the peace summit hasn’t even happened yet, and c, shouldn’t we be devoting resources to handle this little options scandal? Suffice to say that guy no longer works at Apple. Though we are gonna pay his hospitalization and plastic surgery bills.

And yes, I did clear my schedule for the day when the prizes were announced, so I could sit home by the phone. Silly, I know. Ellison told me I’m being foolish. You know what? I wish I could be like him. Just vapid and self-centered and caring about nothing about racing giant penis boats and sleeping with Asian PR chicks. But I can’t. I want more from life. I want to make a difference. That’s my fatal flaw.