Save the friggin snow

I love this. Bill Joy just sent me a link to this “Save the Snow” campaign out at Aspen. They’re all running around like idiots on this global warming thing … except that their own ads say that last year Aspen had a “near-record snowfall.” Check out their website here. Front and center they’ve got the exact question I asked Bill: Like, if you’re getting record snowfall, what’s the friggin problem? “Don’t confuse climate with weather,” is the answer. Whatever the frig that means.

You know what bugs me? When rich a-holes who use way more resources than anyone else on the planet try to make themselves feel better by throwing up a pious Web site and beating up their rich friends for donations. Like, um, folks? How do you get up to the top of Aspen to ski? Are you gonna be hiking this year? Yeah. Call me back for a donation when you’ve taken out all the lifts, sold your SUVs and returned the village to candlelight.