One bright side to GooTube deal

Is that the ever-prescient Om Malik on Friday predicted here that the deal wouldn’t happen, titling his post “Fuggedaboutit.” What a wired-in Valley insider you are, dude! I mean, obtain a clue. The “rumor” was “leaked” to goose Google stock and pay for the deal. Duh. Who are you talking to out there? Whoever it is, stop talking to them. Now Om says here he will lose 40 pounds as a kind of penance. Dude, I hate to tell you, but your belly ain’t the reason you keep getting these things wrong. (Hint: look a little higher.) And, um, 40 pounds is only going to get you about halfway to where you need to be. (Call me and I’ll share some macrobiotic tips and exercises. Like the “push-away,” as in “push away from the friggin table, dude,” and the “hold-on,” as in, “Hold on, you don’t need to eat the entire pie in one sitting.”) Please note also that ever-humble and soooo-deep-insidery Om counts himself among the “losers” on the GooTube deal. Yes, it’s a tragic black mark on your otherwise perfect record. Ahem. And Om, shame on you for trying to drag Mark Cuban into the loser pen with you. Blockhead just said that only a moron would buy YouTube. He was right. Only question that remains is who are the real morons: Google management, or the dumb-ass shareholders who leapt with joy over this?