New Yelp superhero: Pube Face

Do you like my chin patch? It was inspired by a dancer at the Mitchell Brothers. Or was it the Lusty Lady? Damn I can’t remember cause I’m sooooo wasted and having soooo much fun out here in the suuuuuper coooool Bay Area, duuuuude! Whew! Who wants to go to Tahoe? No, I mean right now! Right fucking now, dude, I will soooo do that! I will just get in my “Too Fast Too Furious” Civic, flip on the purple neon running lights and bad-ass it over the Bay Bridge at like a hundred and twenty, I am soooo serious, just totally!

Thanks again to our dear friend Mitchell Aidelbaum, aka Maximum Mitch. M to the A-izzle, bro.